Student Debt Affecting the U.S. Housing Market

Millennials are drowning in student loan debt, and it’s affecting when they get married, buy a house, and settle down to start a family. | Source: Shutterstock By CCN : Piles of student debt, an underperforming job market, and a rising cost of living are pushing.

 · Just because housing prices are high, it does not mean there will be a housing market crash. There are many other factors that we must look at. I think this housing market is much different from the last crash for a number of reasons.

Student debt will have a serious impact on the housing market.. 84% of millennials still believe homeownership is part of the “American.

Share this infographic on your site! Source: Paying THEIR Dues How the U.S. National Debt Affects YOU For the first time in U.S. history, the national debt has risen past $17 trillion. That number is a bit hard to comprehend and means little to Americans when not applied to their everyday lives.

 · The surge in student debt may be linked to the wreckage in the housing market. for the U.S. The explosive rise of student debt. on housing and banking from MarketWatch.

While many credit union members might not have a student loan through a credit union, many credit union members have student loans, and that fact can affect their ability. or getting ready to enter.

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The growing student loan debt is also crippling many of our young Americans as they leave college. students who borrowed money and have just graduated in the Class of 2013 will exit school with more than $32,000 in debt.

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As student debt continues to grow, there will need to be more research as to its effect on the housing market. One thing is for sure, as these young people may not be able to purchase their own homes because of excessive student debts, they still need a place to live; which is where rental properties come into play.

In addition, it is unclear how long global capital from China, the Middle East and Europe will find the U.S. an attractive investment. Energy markets are also unstable.