Singapore will not take a hands-off attitude to property cycle

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However, in the editorial titled "Singapore should not be diverted from right course", it also noted that recent glitches in ties "have displayed Singapore’s misinterpretations of China’s intentions"..

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SINGAPORE – If the Government had not stepped in with measures in July to cool the property market such that there are now signs of moderation, property prices would have surged ahead, possibly.

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When asked for his stance in an interview with The Straits Times earlier this month, National Development minister lawrence wong did not provide a clear. cosmopolitan city-state like Singapore.

Private home prices may have risen as much as 15 per cent this year had authorities not acted, Lawrence Wong, the National Development Minister, said in a speech last month. "Let me be very clear that the government cannot and will not take a hands-off attitude to the property cycle," Mr Wong said.

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3. Our Attitude Towards Public Property. Just recently, we wrote about bicycle-sharing startups and their plight with irresponsible users in Singapore. While there are many pronounced differences between Singaporeans and Malaysians, in this one aspect we might be similar. There is a prevailing low sense of civic duty towards public property.

What the Australian 2019 Federal Election Result Means for Property Investors Right Now Many Singaporeans themselves now realize that there will have to be changes, not just to appease the OECD countries on whom their economic future depends, but also because their own region is now so uncertain. Can Singapore survive as an island of affluence in a neighborhood characterized by slowing growth and violent religious and ethnic conflict?

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