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Our new construction homes in raleigh offer home floor plans with an open concept to help you build the life you envision. With a carefully-crafted modern house plan constructed with premium building materials, you can enjoy multipurpose great rooms, streamlined kitchens, and energy-efficient home designs that help reduce your energy bills while maximizing your family’s comfort.

Keeping Your House Secure While You’re Away.. The next step toward home safety is to keep anything valuable you own out of sight of potential home invaders. expensive vases, jewelry, art, electronics, and other prized possessions should be kept away from the windows. The harder it is for.

While using personal pages on the Internet may be a convenient way to keep in touch with friends, sharing your itinerary can cause problems while you are away..

If you rent your home out while you’re away, make sure that your guests know the rules when it comes to keeping your home safe and secure. Print out clear security instructions, including a list of each door and window that needs to be locked and secured both while your guests are at the house, and once they leave.

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Scan your property for anything a burglar might use to break into your home, such as a brick or hammer, and take it inside. 8. Keep Your House Safe with a Sitter. Enlist the services of a house sitter to keep an eye on your home while you’re away. He or she can pick up fliers left at the door, bring in the mail, and take garbage and recycling.

Keep Your Home & Property Secure While Out Of Town A holiday vacation, a weekend away from home, or a business trip should be a pleasant experience for you and your family, and often, our fears can get the best of us and give us cause for concern when in fact there are no reasons for being alarmed.

Logitech/Business Insider Home security cameras can keep your home safe from. so you can rest assured knowing that you’re seeing a real live feed. Two-way audio lets you talk to your kids or pets.

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