Wind River Airstream – Tiny House Envy

The Airstream I. A retro/modern adventuring home – This remodeled 27′ 1974 airstream overlander was designed for the adventuring nomad.

A big part of the tiny house movement is rooted in the Do-It-Yourself mindset, which we support wholeheartedly. We can finish a shell to any stage that you’d prefer, but here are some options to give you a starting point. All estimates below are based on a 24′ x 8.5′ x 13.5′ bumper pull tiny house shell with the "standard" finishes listed: 1.

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Meet the wind river airstream overlander renovation! This camper was originally from 1973 and looks totally awesome! wind river tiny homes guys built almost everything custom in order to fit the unique design of the airstream body. This is a video tour of an Airstream Tiny House. It was renovated by Wind River Tiny Homes.

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