When does it make sense to refinance

To see if refinancing makes sense for you, try out a refinance calculator. You enter some specific information and the refinance calculator determines what makes the most sense for your particular situation. Then you can even play around a little bit to see what factors would change the recommendations.

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Learn more about refinancing and refinancing options. Before you add in your actual numbers, we suggest that you use an example of an existing loan which is three years old, with a $100,000 loan amount for 30 years and a 6% interest rate, and use a 4% rate for refinancing. It will make it easier to follow the discussion of savings comparisons.

And then there’s the question of "Does it make financial sense to refinance?" On this point, it’s best to avoid "common knowledge" because the common arguments consumers make against.

Not being late. Advertisement Refinancing can make sense for private loans. “Federal consolidation does not cut costs, since the interest rate is the weighted average of the interest rates, rounded.

Low rates are tempting, but that doesn’t mean it’s always a good idea.

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By refinancing, you’re extending the loan period to 30 years from now. If you’re in year two of the original loan and you’re 34 years old, that’s probably no big deal. But if you’re in year seven and you’re in your late 40s, you may not want to start over with a 30-year loan.

However, if you are deep into your mortgage, trading a lower interest rate for a much longer term may not save you much at all. In fact, it could cost you more. If you are 10 years or more into a 30-year loan, consider refinancing to a shorter-term loan, say, 20, 15 or 10 years.

It’s tempting to refinance, given today’s low interest rates. Switching to a new loan with a lower refinance rate can cut your monthly payments and free up money for other needs. But what if you are.