Trump Thwarts GOP Plot to Pretend His Climate Agenda Isn’t Idiotic

 · Deep State Vs. Trump. By Rod. but it would be diplomatically idiotic for a new Secretary of State to come into office on record as considering any major world leader a “war criminal.

It’s the same as here in the US, and it’s a warning we Americans must perceive and heed: Our government isn’t concerned with the good or will of the people any longer, and they’re willing to import new people to nullify our votes.

North Miami mayor, now suspended while facing fraud charges, declares her innocence Bach will be accompanied by AOC president John Coates when he sits down with two representatives of the region’s 10 councils – Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner and Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark.

Today, the GOPe is still pretending Trump wants a 2,500 mile wall. Dems pretend the same. Trump has never said he opposes real “Dreamers.” The DACA recipients who actually stayed in school, got degrees and good jobs can stay as far as he’s concerned. BUT.

This isn’t a small loss. So many conservative outlets have run with this fake story, as have plenty of lying congressmen. Now what? It may be much harder for conservative media, Trump, and GOP congressmen to claim that the whole Russia accusation is a.

No less an environmentalist than climatologist james hansen and his colleagues have declared, "While it may be theoretically possible to stabilize the climate without nuclear power, in the real world.

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Schultz grew up in public housing in Brooklyn and was the first in his immediate family to attend college. Republicans, including President Trump, who has his own fortune, often have trouble finding.

 · Apparently Donald Trump isn’t satisfied with just referring to the media in Stalinist terms as “the enemy of people.” And it doesn’t fulfill his reckless compulsion to merely put a target on the backs of constitutionally protected journalists who are receiving more death threats than ever.

 · You’ve taken complete leave of your senses. The GOP is dead. Long live the GOP! Trump is neither dangerous nor a moron. What he is, is the GOPe’s worse nightmare, and what middle America wants rid of. If Trump isn’t and a Democrat gets back in, you’re likely looking at a civil war within 4 years. This is probably not a good thread for WUWT..

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Practically speaking, the nationalist agenda is largely focused on the need for a federal "industrial policy." For Breitbart’s John Carney, that means tariffs, and lots of them. Americans need to be.