Title-Insurance Company Exposes 885 Million Records Online

Title Company Exposes 16 Years of US Mortgage Data. of the largest providers of title insurance and settlement services for home buyers. that the company's website had exposed 885 million housing-related files going back to 2003.. Other documents included tax records and drivers license images.

(Reuters) – U.S. real estate title insurance company First American Financial Corp said. which said First American’s website had exposed about 885 million files dating back to 2003. First American.

Tons of Exposed files contain some of the sensitive financial records, including. “The title insurance agency collects all kinds of documents from both the. It's unclear how long the data were being in the online left open to.

First American did not answer questions from WIRED about how long the records were exposed online. The company says it has hired a forensic firm to assess whether customer data was ever stolen.

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Loyalty programs are big business for retailers and fraudsters alike.. 885 million consumer records exposed by First American Financial. As of Friday, May 24 th, news broke that First American, the leading title insurance provider for real. private information through an unsecured online database.

Brian Krebs [The independent security journalist of US] On Friday, Mr.Krebs unveiled the real estate and title insurance with the huge First American, farm the US had nearly 885 million sensitive records of financial importance from back 2003, that were exposed to the public online with no such privacy deeds that anyone could access.

First American Financial Exposed 885 million title insurance Records Online. By. C. Edward Kelso -. The Fortune 500 real estate title company apparently leaked hundreds of millions of documents accrued over more than a decade and a half without knowing. Most such records have in recent years.

Some 885 million records were reportedly exposed. The nation’s largest title insurance company exposed personal information and data from hundreds of millions of mortgage documents going back to.

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Title company faces class action lawsuit for its apparent negligence By Jeff Sorg, OnlineEd Blog (May 29, 2019) A class-action lawsuit is already filed in California after Brian Krebs, a cybersecurity expert, reported 885 million First American files were available without authentication to anyone with a web browser.