Softwood lumber supply and demand corrects on further sawmill curtailments – Wood Business

Further details can be found. to the announced closure of the Company’s Quesnel Sawmill and one-time costs of $1.1 million associated with new five year collective labour agreements for the lumber.

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Supply and demand corrects amid sawmill curtailments. Several major Canadian lumber producers announced production curtailments in the past week, further correcting disparities between softwood lumber supply and demand.

Sawmill costs were. is the big driver in demand for lumber. So overall, we should expect to see a continued improvement in the lumber markets. And pricing will be driven by whether or not there is.

North American Softwood lumber supply and demand corrects on further sawmill curtailments [Jun 12] Atlas Engineered Products completes lumber supply agreement [Jun 12] U.S.: ACS American Construction Source Acquires freeborn lumber company [jun 12] uk: TIMBER BUSINESS GROWS SALES PAST 140M [Jun 11]

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So this latest downturn in the lumber industry across British. “In addition, imports of wood products from overseas (Asia, South America, and Europe) are further adding to the supply/demand.

The Company’s Q2’15 results were further impacted. take full effect. Demand in China is also expected to grow in the years ahead, albeit at a slower pace than in recent years. Tacoma Sawmill As a.

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Canfor Corporation is imposing an indefinite curtailment at its Mackenzie sawmill and permanently eliminating a shift at its Isle Pierre sawmill, the Prince George Citizen reports.The company cited the high cost of fiber and continued poor lumber markets for its decision to curtail production at the Mackenzie sawmill.

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