Should I buy a home for my student daughter?

Next time you write a check to your student’s college for a cramped dorm room, you may wonder if there’s a better – and more cost-effective – option to house your bookish son or daughter.

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 · Do I qualify for student loan refinancing? To qualify for student loan refinancing, you’ll need either a good credit history and stable income or a co-signer. Most student loan refinance options require very good credit, which means having at least three.

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Tips for Parents of College Students to Help Avoid Liability. As students leave home for college, be proud, but also be wary of the fact that a child away at college raises new and unique possibilities for lawsuits that could come right back to your doorstep faster than your son or daughter does.

Parents want to do what they can to help their children buy a home, especially since credit standards have become more stringent in recent years. But sometimes they shouldn’t.

And while a 22-year-old new college grad might not be that concerned with buying a home, at 32, I feel like I should be starting my adult life-and that means buying a home. Get Pre-Approved

The pros of buying your college student a home. Buying another abode is a smarter investment if the family truly considers it as one-planning to rent it out long after their child has (hopefully.

 · I totally agree Laura. My daughter is 17 and when she was 13 we gave her some on her birthday as a joke. She eventually wanted to try wearing them and has a couple of pair but she has other underware also. My daughter too is an honor roll student and involved in many school activities and volunteers at a pre-school with the horses.

What are my options for buying a house that my daughter will live in and pay for? Asked by Rachel, 60517 sun jun 10, 2012. Can anyone help me and tell me what my options are? My daughter was looking to buy her first home, but she does not qualify for any mortgages due to her credit score and student loans.

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