Jewish man ‘trapped in marriage’ by court order

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 · Epstein believed the guest across the desk from him in his home office in Lakewood, N.J., was desperate, an Orthodox Jewish woman trapped in an unloving marriage because her husband refused to.

the London-based Jewish Chronicle reported. The appeals court judge responded late last week that the financial order was not compulsion and did not prevent the husband from giving a get. He said that.

. have not so far put our minds to his married, let alone his widowed state.. A Jewish patriarch, yes, who makes his home a hell, as patriarchs are. The story Shakespeare tells of Shylock is of a man who declines into.. To order a copy for 12.99, go to or call 0330 333 6846.

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For most Jews, marriage begins with a Jewish ceremony uniting a man and a woman. The Get ends, or terminates that union. It is a formal, clear-cut, legal process which requires only the consent of both parties. A get is advisable anytime the couple was married, even if there was no Jewish ceremony. The Get makes no reference to responsibility or fault.

Mr Moher, who owns several rental properties, is fighting to get the Family Court ruling overturned claiming it has ‘trapped’ him. regard to ending their Jewish marriage. She said: ‘It was.

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The Marriage Contract ( Ketubah) It is not a ceremonial document of scripture or prayer. That is why it is written in Aramaic, the technical legal language of Talmudic law, rather than in Hebrew, the language of the " Song of Songs .". Neither is it a state document establishing the new relationship of man and woman.

In a November 2006 decision the Supreme Court recognized, for purposes of eligibility for spousal succession under Israel’s Succession Law, 5725-1965, an interfaith civil marriage conducted in Romania between a Romanian Christian woman and a Jewish Israeli man. Although the recognition of the marriage in this case was restricted to implementation of the appellant’s right to spousal.