Illegal Alien Gets Prison for Food Stamp Fraud

An illegal alien from Guatemala who conned the feds out of almost $20,000 in welfare benefits has been sentenced to two months in federal prison after pleading guilty to one count of theft of U.S. government funds. Welfare fraud is common in the illegal alien community and in the Obama era the government refused to do much about it.

No. None of the Federal assistance programs provide benefits to illegal aliens, and under most circumstances legal immigrants cannot get benefits for their first 5 years here. States may use their own funds to provide benefits if they choose. With.

persons applying for or receiving aid are U.S. citizens, legal aliens, or eligible immigrants. I understand and. This will let them decide if I can get Food Stamps or Families. First.. If you give incorrect information on purpose to get help, you may go to jail. City. It is illegal to get cash payments in two states at the same time.

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According to new data from the Department of Public Social Services, nearly twenty five percent of Los Angeles County ‘s welfare and food stamp benefits goes directly to the children of illegal aliens, at a cost of $36 million a month — for a projected annual cost of $432 million.

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Recommended Pro-Sanctuary Maryland Officials Throw A Tantrum After State Becomes A Den Of Illegal Alien Rape. incidents of fraud in the public assistance program. The Legislative Audit Bureau.

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Fifty-four people were indicted for their roles in the massive fraud which involved the illegal purchase of WIC. outlets who accept the EBT card. It gets worse, compliance is almost entirely left.

This rude, foul-mouthed, Muslim woman was caught more than once buying groceries and including soda with FOOD STAMPS to sell in her gas station. This man confronted her is an attorney for the.

Illegal immigrants and food stamp fraud Janet and I were in a grocery store this week, watching a Mexican woman pay for $200 in groceries with an EBT food stamp card. She was completely illiterate in English, and she made a big scene, screaming at the cashier in Mexican because it was taking her too long to steal food from the government!