How tuition compares to the overall inflation rate

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Price Inflation of Tuition, 1979-2017. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which collects Consumer Price Index (CPI) data for college tuition, tuition back in 2000 was just 40.5% of what tuition is now in 2017. The average inflation rate for tuition during this period was 5.46% per year. In other words,

The annualized tuition inflation rate from 2007-08 to 2011-12 is 5.8%, similar to the tuition inflation rate in the CPI-U data. But, the NPSAS data allows more sophisticated analysis of the inflation rates, such as the data in this table.

The college inflation rate refers to the annual increase in college tuition and fees. Investments that keep pace with inflation are critical.

A good rule of thumb is that tuition rates will increase at about twice the general inflation rate. During any 17-year period from 1958 to 2001, the average annual tuition inflation rate was between 6% and 9%, ranging from 1.2 times general inflation to 2.1 times general inflation.

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The Calculation. Future price = Current price x (1 + Inflation rate year 1) x (1 + Inflation rate year 2) Example: You plan to buy a new car in two years that costs $30,000 today. estimated inflation rates are 0.1 percent (0.001) for year 1 and 1.49 percent (0.0149) for year 2. Make the following calculation:

However, tuition and fees at four-year National Universities are significantly outpacing inflation. The total consumer price index inflation.

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Between 2007-08 and 2017-18, published in-state tuition and fees at public four-year institutions increased at an average rate of 3.2% per year beyond inflation, compared with 4.0% between 1987-88 and 1997-98 and 4.4% between 1997-98 and 2007-08. One cause of increased tuition is the reduction of state and federal appropriations to state colleges, causing the institutions to shift the.

Since there is a relatively short time frame for college savings, the 60/40 mix may be very volatile, so at moments there is a high chance that tuition inflation is not met. By moving to the S&P Target Tuition Inflation Index, the probability of tracking tuition inflation increases, and even more so the longer the holding period.