Experts reveal big problem with tomorrow’s interest rate cut

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It is now widely expected the Fed will cut rates at the end of the month following comments by Fed officials last week. Per the WSJ: "New York Fed President John Williams on Thursday stoked expectations for a hefty cut. Already-low interest rates are a big reason to cut aggressively at the first sign of economic distress, he said.

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Experts reveal big problem with tomorrow’s interest rate cut. – Alexis Carey. If the experts are to be believed, an interest-rate cut is coming our way tomorrow. But those experts are also divided over whether that historic.

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Interest Rate Cut: What The Experts Say The Bank of England’s decision to slash base interest rates from 0.5% to 0.25% has provoked a mixed response from economists. Fill 2 Copy 11

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With interest rates rising to 0.75% (from 0.5%) in August 2018, the current forecast is for interest rates to not go up again until mid-2020, but much depends on the outcome of Brexit. By 2022 the Bank of England base rate is predicted to have risen to between 1% and 1.25%.