DMV to send letters to Calif. residents who may not have valid REAL ID

Q: I knew about the REAL ID issue of California licenses many months ago. I’m sure we speak for many people when we ask: Why does the DMV have a need to receive so many forms much from us to get a.

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Residents of New Hampshire are required to have a valid New Hampshire driver license to legally operate a vehicle in the state. Drivers moving to New Hampshire from another state must obtain a New Hampshire driver license within 60 days of establishing residency in New Hampshire.

The N.C. Division of motor vehicles offers identification cards for customers who require a photo ID but do not require a driver license. Under North Carolina law, holders of these non-operator IDs are not permitted to operate a motor vehicle.. NCDMV also offers an N.C. REAL ID identification card, the resident must present a letter from.

To apply for a REAL ID driver license or REAL ID identification card, you must provide one source document from the list below. DC DMV will NOT accept documents that are not listed below to satisfy proof of identity and date of birth. NOTE: The documents listed may also serve as proof of lawful presence, with the exception of the items mark with (**).

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If the extension had expired, all California driver’s licenses and ID cards could have been declared invalid for domestic air travel. The DMV blamed the government shutdown and the federal.

California DMV has been issuing a Real ID to anyone with one proof of address, however, the DHS requires two. DMV will be sending letters to the 3 million people with a Real ID informing them they must show a second proof of address in order to have a valid ID.

California’s beautiful residents do not need a makeover-however, their driver’s licenses do. starting january 22, California licenses and identification cards will sport a brand new look.The revamped IDs will feature the word "California" in a new font up top, as well as images of golden poppies (the state’s flower), sailboats, an outline of the state through the background, and a.